Things to Do in Maldives

Sun, Sea, Sand – that is what Maldives as a destination has to offer all year round. At Loama Maamigili, we offer the Soul of Maldives in addition and provide guests a true Maldivian experience with a host of fun and educational  activities.

Whether you are on honeymoon or travelling to Maldives as a family  with kids, we have activities and places to visit which you will enjoy.. Maldives is not only about relaxing with a lie on the beach and soaking in the sun, it also offers many other things to do. Besides the famous capital Malé, a visit to Loama Maamigili will give you an insight to local culture and history with  trips to the local indigenous islands.  Fishing at sunset or before sunrise is one of the best experiences which  allows guests to re-live a major, traditional Maldivian trade.

Prepare yourself to embrace a land of dreams which offers numerous things to do from dawn to dusk.


Visit Maakurathu

Visit an indigenous island and discover a uniquely Maldivian lifestyle.

Meet the islanders who gather on ‘joali fathi’ (traditional roped seats) for a casual chat while chewing areca nut and explore the island to learn about the traditional Maldivian house and trade.

Sunrise and Sunset Fishing

Fishing plays a big part in the life of a Maldivian, both leisure and for the economy.

Join us for this trip and learn the technique of traditional Maldivian fishing, using hand-line equipment.

For your Sunrise trip, guests will use trolling techniques and have an adventure with lines in water while the boat travels the Indian Ocean.

Our chef will then prepare your fresh catch for dinner. Nothing compares, especially since it is your own catch.

Excursion - Sunset and Sunrise Fishing
view of Goimaru Island from a Dhoni

Sun, Sand and Snorkeling

Take a trip to our stunning Goimaru Island, covered with soft white sand and surrounded by crystal clear and shimmering blue water. Bring home fond memories of soaking in the sun in tranquility and snorkeling amid a myriad of fascinating colourful marine life and beautiful coral.

Picnic on Goimaru

Experience the thrill of being stranded on a beautiful virgin island, surrounded by crystal clear water and a white sandy beach. Enjoy a picnic lunch and explore one of the best coral reefs around this island.


Dolphin Watching

Embark on a fun-filled cruise through the channels and with views of beautiful islands on the horizon, in search of dolphins and experience the beauty and grace of these wonderful marine mammals up close and in person.

Sunset Cruise

Set off into the sunset on a beautiful and relaxing journey aboard our traditional dhoni.

Enjoy delectable snacks while soaking in the stunning colours thrown into the sky with the sunset and star gazing after. Manta rays and dolphins may surface if you are lucky. Don’t forget to bring along your cameras.

Exursion - Romantic Sunset Cruise