Cuisines in Maldives

From authentic Maldivian cuisine to Asian-infused flavours and contemporary European cuisine, the restaurants at Loama Resort will satisfy guest’s palate with a wide variety  of delights from around the world. You can choose to  fulfil your epicurean urges at four scenic gastronomic venues, a bar or in the comfort of your abode with our 24-hour In-Villa Dining menu.

You can discover different dining experiences with our eclectic range of outdoor and indoor locations offering world class cuisines, from authentic Thai to a delicious Barbecue on the beach with spectacular ocean views.

Your experience of Maldivian culture is not complete without a taste of exquisite Maldivian cuisine   The local Cuisine of Maldives has been influenced by foreign trade over centuries; the unique blend of flavours is mainly characterized by fresh fish, rice, coconut and spices, symbolizing a unique culinary identity. The wide range of traditional food  in Maldives  satisfies vegetarians as well. Food lovers can experience a hands-on class to discover secret local cooking techniques and learn Maldivian cuisine recipes.

Friendly staff offering genuine Maldivian hospitality are on hand to provide expert advice in selecting something special from the menu along with a perfectly paired beverage. This, combined with our talented and innovative team of chefs will leave guests with an unparalled dining experience.